Sound Effects Library-卡通音效

Sound Effects Library-卡通音效

Buzzing Cartoon Bee
Bell Ring Down Ding Special FX
Vibro Bells - 3 Versions
Bell Slide up, Bell Slide Down, Bell Slide up and Down
Glittering Bell Scale - 2 Versions
Slide Bong Cuckoo, Birdie Tweets, Cuckoo Clock
Boings - 4 Versions Sound FX
Bow and Arrow Zip and Twang
Musical Brass Hit - 6 Versions
Car Brakes and Crash - 4 Versions Sound Effect
Zippy Car Passing - 2 Versions
Spluttering Car Hollywood Sound Effects
Chime Sweep Down, Chime Sweep Up
Whispy Chime Wave Sfx
Downward Steps and Fall
Many Moos of a Cartoon Cow
Kiddy Time Comments - 5 Versions
Marching Musical Spoons
Crashing Drums, Slide Whistles, Snare Drums
Whistle Launch - 4 Versions
Cartoon Snare Roll - 4 Versions
Electronic Rise - 3 Versions, And Electronic Fall
Cartoon Surprise - 3 Versions
Fart Bag Farts - 13 Versions
Harp Glide up and Down
Mouth Harp Boing - 3 Versions
Hammering Heartbeat
Horn, Alarm and Piercing Whistle
Coconut Hoof Horse Gallop Sfx
Dull Doings and Thuds Sound Effect
Vibrating Wooden Ruler - 2 Versions
Boing Hit and Whistle Accents
Funny Hit and Long Whistle Slides
Thumping Hit - 5 Versions
Whistle up to Hit - 3 Versions
Squeaky Laughter - 2 Versions
Classical Music Endings - 5 Versions
Musical Finale - 3 Versions
Scrambling Scale Climb - 4 Versions
Grand Orchestra Ending - 2 Versions
Rising Chime Scale - 2 Versions
Soft Chime and Reverb Ending
Chugga Squeak Motor, Chugga March Motor
Rattle Trap Machine, Boom Steam Machine
Rhythm Machine, 3 Versions
Shake and Rattle Sound FX
Quick Cartoon Feet Special FX
Musical Falling Scale, Musical Rising Scale
Slide Whistle Down, Up, Down
Slide Whistle Quick up, Quick Down, Spiralling
Slide Whistle Variations - 6 Versions
Crazy Slide Whistle - 3 Versions
Springs and Sproings, 4 Versions
Squealing Stretches, 4 Versions
Propeller Swoosh, 5 Versions
Rubber Ducky Squeak
Rubber Ducky March Hollywood Sound Effects
Cartoon Trumpet Sad Wah Wah - 5 Versions
Cartoon Gargle - 2 Versions
Vibraslap Hit


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