Cymatics2019 嘻哈签名系列

Cymatics2019 嘻哈签名系列

2019嘻哈签名系列:Signature Series Hip Hop July 2019

What is the Signature Series?
The Signature Series is a very selective, thoughtful, premium sound library that our very BEST producers will create every month.
These monthly sound libraries will feature the most innovative and relevant sounds in the industry -- and you’ll be able to choose between different genres and styles that suit your production needs.
Each monthly pack will come with an assortment of 500+ samples, loops, MIDI, and even synth presets.
And the Signature Series will only be given to a private list every month -- so not everyone will be able to get their hands on it.
But the great thing is, everyone on this list can use the sounds 100% royalty free.
Not to mention, having exclusive sounds every month is very valuable if you want to make unique music and stand out as an artist.
We’re going to be taking in a pretty limited amount of producers for this launch, so make sure you get your spot as soon as possible.
We will only reopen enrollment a few times per year, so it’s better to get in right away to avoid waiting!

质量:24 bit 44.1 kHz立体声

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